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WATA™ Bench

The unique WATA™ Bench has been used by tradespeople for 30 years and is designed specifically to save time either in the factory, home workshop or on site situations. This innovative design ensures precision, accuracy and extreme safety at all times.

The Industrial Design Council of Australia had this to say about the WATA™ Bench. "The panel unanimously found the WATA™ Bench to be a valuable Australian design. The safety, efficiency and excellent work capabilities of the product are recognised by the panel.

The panel is enthusiastic and unanimous in recommending that the WATA™ Bench, by both design and function, exhibits design excellence and innovation. Upon meeting I.D.C.A. and panel conditions it is recommended to receive Design Council Endorsement."

The obvious work benefits are clearly visible within the overall concept of the WATA™ Bench.

The many time saving examples make it difficult to pinpoint just one, but as an example, how would you like to go back to using a handsaw instead of your mitre saw? This is how tradespeople who have purchased the WATA™ Bench relate the benefit of it over existing methods, simply due to ease of use.

The WATA™ Bench is manufactured from durable aluminium to strict specifications ensuring high strength with light weight portability that is ideally suited to building sites. The bench will suit almost any kind of mitre saw and can be set up and working in less than 3 minutes. This, along with the speed measuring tape that can reduce the actual cutting time by 40%, means that you are set up and earning more dollars faster and without any extra effort.

With our quality workmanship guarantee, this durable time saving bench cannot be bettered.

Delivery Australia wide.
WATA Hooks

WATA™ Hooks

Strong, durable and easily installed, WATA™ Hooks can provide a handy solution to many situations. WATA™ Handy Hooks have been manufactured to stand up to the demands of many industries. From sorting a tangled mess or hanging up and organising rope, hoses, line and more, the WATA™ Handy Hook can solve it!

Delivery is available Australia-wide.